Did you know so many varieties of Car Window Tinting exist?

Car Window Tinting varies from one place to another and depends mainly on the climate of the area. The shades of the window tint may depend on the regional laws. Nevertheless, protecting the commuters and the interiors from the scorching sun is the minimum that is expected from a car window tint. There are various films available which are used for the tinting process. Here are some of the popular and easily available types.

•    Dyed Window Tinting

This is a good choice for those who are looking for a budget window tint. These are quite inexpensive and the technique is to block the sun using several levels of dyes. However, it is quite natural these cannot give a similar level of UV protection like the higher variants. It is good enough to add to the privacy of the vehicle as it is semi-opaque in appearance.

•    Metal Tints

The primary difference of metal tints as compared with its dyed counterparts is the use of micro-metallic particles for the purpose of blocking sunlight. The particles are very small and invisible to the naked eye. This adds strength to the window glass.

•    Carbon Tints

Carbon car window tinting is more advantageous than the other types of tints that are discussed already. It has a unique matte-finish texture. The carbon content of these films reduces approximately 40% of the Infrared radiation, responsible for interior heating.

•    Crystalline window tinting

These are ideal for people who want their window tinting to be transparent. Some people may not like or want the privacy glass feature. Both ultraviolet radiation and solar heat are blocked to a considerable extent without the need for a dark film.

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