Car Window Tinting Edinburgh

Welcome to Scot Tint, We are the fastest growing tinting organization in Edinburgh and expanding all the time. We all are experienced by the countries top trainer, we offer you a friendly, professional service with the industry best warranty.

Car window tinting is a specialist service that is always in high demand. Taking care of the important parts of the car such as the engine, battery, and wheels, etc is essential, but having your windows tinted is something of a personal choice. We offer a wide range of affordable Car Window tinting services in Edinburgh to protect your car.

We at Scot Tint ensure that your car windows are kept in immaculate condition by providing various services such as car window tinting, window filming, and car window UV protection. Our window filming services are popular across the Edinburgh, Stirling, Midlothian, Falkirk, Fife, and Livingston region.

Are you thinking about tinting your car windows? If you're not sure, we give you some reasons why you should get some window tints:

  • The passengers will feel more comfortable
  • Your car will look hot but feel cool
  • Cruising inside your car will be more enjoyable
  • Window tints Mostly give you privacy and protection
  • Car windows tinting can help to improve fuel efficiency

    Window filming ensures that various utilities of the car are protected and also enhances the look of the vehicle. The most important function of window tinting is the protection from harmful UV rays that come from the sun. Car Window UV Protection is one of the best ways to block harmful sun rays from affecting your skin. We only use the best UV protection materials on the market so that you can get maximum protection.

    Window tinting also ensures that you transform your normal glass into privacy glass, the privacy of your car is considerably enhanced when the windows are tinted. The harsh sunshine falling directly on the upholstery can be impactful in fading them. It also prevents the interiors from getting too warm due to sunlight. Our Car Window UV Protection, therefore, ensures that your air conditioning system of the car is not too much in pressure.

    Average car window tinting cost

    The average car window tinting cost is around £250-£500 for all the windows of your car. The material costs for rear and front side windows, as well as for all windscreens are on average around £25-£50.

    Our commitment to quality of service and products helps us to attain and maintain the trust and confidence of our clients. This is one of the main reasons why 60% of our work is repeated business.

    The use of Car Window UV Protection is a very cost-effective and easy way to add style and security to your car.

    It will reduce heat and glare. It also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your loved ones.

    Get in touch with us today and get your window tinting installed to get all the mentioned benefits. We provide our services all around Edinburgh, Stirling, Midlothian, Falkirk, Fife, and Livingston region. Call us today on: 01313334091

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